The Amanet Story


WHO IS Amanet?
Amanet stands for American Manufacturing Network. Established in 1984, we are a small, minority owned corporation located in Canoga Park, California.

WHAT IS Amanet?
Amanet is so unique, some people have difficulty understanding our network concept in manufacturing. We are not a brokerage firm and do not collect any commissions from our Network members. Nor are there any member fees paid by our Network members. We provide a service of managed manufacturing that many of our customers find invaluable.

Amanet is an organization of specialized manufacturing facilities under the control of a manufacturing management company. These manufacturing facilities including machine shops, platers, etc., are selected and certified as Network Members after extensive surveys and trials according to their ability to provide high quality work on time. Though a Member is free to do independent work, many do primarily Amanet jobs, so compliance with our guidelines ensures more Amanet work.

Amanet purchases all material, any contract labor, and invests its own cash in any inventory to provide scheduled releases for customers. Our Network Members contract with us at a reduced shop rate in return for a large volume of business, so the rate that the rate charged to our customers is generally no higher than if the work was done directly and often the rate is more competitive than local shops or high overhead aerospace shops. Amanet’s systematic approach to manufacturing management allows the organization to maximize efficiencies of scale volume purchasing to remain competitive and still handle diverse manufacturing processes.

Operational control is maintained through our itinerant and in-house inspectors. Our central Inspection Department is also responsible for incoming material inspection, certifications and final inspection of each job. Each facility is required to use Amanet-approved manufacturing and inspection methods, and also provide access to our staff for source inspection similar to government requirements.

Amanet is very proud to say it has never failed a Quality Survey. We strive very hard to maintain our high quality standards.

QUALITY & PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS:  AS9100 Rev. C & ISO9001 | ITAR Registered | DFARS – RoHS Compliant Product

For three concurrent years, Amanet was named in the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. Several television and radio news broadcasts have featured us for our innovative approach to manufacturing.


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